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ACT100 Index Reveals CraneWorks has 9th-Largest Crane Fleet in North America

ACT100 Reveals CraneWorks has 9th-Largest Crane Fleet

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CraneWorks jumps to #27 in company rankings; also rises in Top 10 mobile fleets list

ACT100 largest crane fleets in North AmericaCraneWorks has been on a tear for the past four years, steadily increasing its rankings on the annual American Cranes & Transport ACT100 Index of crane-owning companies in North America. 2019 was no different, with CraneWorks jumping another eleven spots to #27.

CraneWorks ACT100 Rankings

Year Ranking
2019 27
2018 38
2017 51
2016 77

AC&T magazine calculates each company's ACT100 Index by adding the total lift capacities of all crawlers and mobile cranes in the company’s fleet. (For example, if a company has two 30-ton cranes, their ACT100 Index is 60. CraneWorks came in just a bit higher at 16,222.)

ACT100 top 10 largest mobile crane fleets in North AmericaIn addition to the improved ACT100 ranking, AC&T revealed that CraneWorks now has the ninth-largest crane fleet in North America with 471 units. For the second year, the company was also listed in AC&T's list of the Top 10 largest mobile crane fleets in North America. This year CraneWorks had 470 mobile cranes, helping the company rise two spots to #7.

Thanks to all of our employees—at all levels of the company and across North America—for their hard work which continues to make this incredible growth possible!

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Written by Robbie Stevens