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Used 2019 Broderson IC-200-3J

Stock # CD-002
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Ideal for lifting materials that require a compact low-profile crane that can clear overhead obstacles and maneuver in tight spaces, the Broderson IC-200-3J is extremely popular because of day in day out performance and versatility. Precision controls and heavy duty design to pick and carry heavy loads, coupled with the steering flexibility to maneuver in tight spaces, provide the versatile operating performance you come to expect from heavy duty Broderson Carry Deck Cranes. Major Standard Features Self-Loading Carry Deck crane increases the range of current and potential future applications. 3 or 4-Section Boom with a continuous 360 degree swing rotation turret. Simple, rugged worm drive gear box results in greater reliability. Hoisting with a hydraulically-powered turret-mounted planetary gear system provides all the low speed power to lift heavy loads, yet also a high speed setting for faster cycle times when lifting lighter loads. Hydraulic Power is provided by a direct driven tandem pump delivering 29 gpm. Rated Capacity Limiter warns the operator of impending overload with audible and visual signals, and stops boom functions in the event of overloads. Multiple Steering Configurations: 2-Wheel, 4-wheel or crab steering. Electronic sensors and control box automatically align the steering when a new mode is selected. EPA Tier 4 Dual Fuel or Diesel Engine available. Powershift Transmission, with 4 speeds forward and reverse, minimizes bumps and jolts during shifting that is possible at any engine speed in any gear. Heavy Duty Chassis Frame provides a front deck carrying capacity of 17,000 lbs. Rubber Mounted Rear Axle/Suspension eliminates sudden load swings inherent in pivot mounted axles; thus, axle oscillation lockouts are not required. Drum Rotation Indicator improves operator productivity. Easy Access to engine compartment and hydraulic equipment components simplifies maintenance and repair. Narrower and Lower Profile Design for better access to tight work spaces as well as easy transport.

Product Specs

  • Location : Denver, CO
  • Hours : 376

What Customers Are Saying

All I ask from any vendor of ours is to deliver quality work in a timely manner. CraneWorks delivers!
- Landon G.

What Customers Are Saying

The team at CraneWorks could not have been more helpful and professional. They followed through on every commitment and have continued to be an excellent resource after the sale.
- John H.

What Customers Are Saying

A great group of people with skilled technicians who know how to take care of equipment.
- Dan

What Customers Are Saying

If you need a new truck go to these guys, you will be taken care of 110% every time. These are great people and I plan on buying more trucks from them.
- Root Tree Service

What Customers Are Saying

Very great people to deal with. Prompt and professional on every level.
- Ben S.

What Customers Are Saying

Great people, they go above and beyond, and make me feel good about the hands our equipment is in.
- Garrett S.

What Customers Are Saying

Had an on-site breakdown, the tech showed up quickly and was very knowledgeable. He had us up and running in no time. Great service, will use in future for any repair I need.
- Terry S.

What Customers Are Saying

Delivered right on schedule, despite all the Covid-19 issues. Always answered calls or emails with real-time updates and pictures.
- Joseph P.

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Broderson Carry Deck Cranes are simple to operate with precise controls and equipped with options that meet your needs and requirements. Each Broderson Carry Deck Crane is designed with robust booms for demanding needs and precise picks in tight places that are easy to maintain. These American-made cranes are available in 2-or 4-wheel drive configuration. Today, Broderson remains the crane of choice for plant, facility, and project site requirements in a wide range of industries, including oil refineries, petrochemical plants, mining, pulp/paper mills, large mechanical contractors, auto manufacturing, and power plants.