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New Fassi F145AZ.0.22

Stock # BM-4116

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Features and Options


Crane version that can be folded behind cab with the hydraulic implement installed and with top seat controls. Lifting moment: 100979 lbs. ft Standard hydraulic reach: 27' 3" Max hydraulic horizontal outreach in loading configuration: 26' 9" Load at the max horizontal outreach: 3748 lbs. Manually extendable outriggers with max spread of 12' 1". Outrigger rams have jointed plate in Monocast material. Casted steel column support and lower column section for ideal stress distribution and greater resistance. The drastic reduction of welds on the base group provides the crane with characteristics of exceptional resistance to fatigue. Centralized lubrication system of the base to guarantee easier access for maintenance and control operations. Rack and pinion rotation system with self-centering cast iron wear pad to ensure the correct and constant coupling between the pinion and the rack, avoiding the wear and tear of the teeth. Rotation angle: 415°. Rotation torque: 15493 lbs. ft Top seat crane controls by n. 2 S900 distributor banks positioned beside the seat with joysticks and foot controls. Microswitch for oil cut off if operator not seated. N. 2 supplementary activated controls with hoses protection device for grab and rotator. Left distributor bank functions: -Joystick: rotation and outer lift ram. - Foot control: supplementary function (grab). Right distributor bank functions: -Joystick: inner lift ram and supplementary function (rotator). -Foot control: extension booms. Special guide shoes material with high sliding degree and low greasing request. 24-gal. oil tank, particularly resistant to shocks and the corrosive action of any external element. 17636 lbs. boom tip swivel hook.

Included options

Hydraulically extra extendable outriggers Hydraulic extra extendibility of lateral outrigger supports for a total spread of 15' 9". Oil cooler Oil/air cooling system composed by an oil cooler type 60/12 completed with thermostatic valve and cooling fan installed on the cranes with pump capacity up to 16 gals/min and 12V. vehicle battery. Long fixing rods Long fixing bolts for crane fixation to the vehicle chassis, in place of standard ones. Switch for work light Switch for work light on/off placed near the distributor bank N. 2 work lights N. 2 LED work lights mounted on inner boom. Orange LED marker lights for crane outrigger Orange LED marker lights to be installed on the crane outrigger rams to highlight the overall dimensions during the crane utilization.

Product Specs

  • Location : Kansas City, KS
  • Ton-Meters : 13.96
  • Ton Rating: 3.08
  • Boom (ft) : 26
  • Type : Knuckle Boom Cranes
  • Hi-Rail : No

What Customers Are Saying

All I ask from any vendor of ours is to deliver quality work in a timely manner. CraneWorks delivers!
- Landon G.

What Customers Are Saying

The team at CraneWorks could not have been more helpful and professional. They followed through on every commitment and have continued to be an excellent resource after the sale.
- John H.

What Customers Are Saying

A great group of people with skilled technicians who know how to take care of equipment.
- Dan

What Customers Are Saying

If you need a new truck go to these guys, you will be taken care of 110% every time. These are great people and I plan on buying more trucks from them.
- Root Tree Service

What Customers Are Saying

Very great people to deal with. Prompt and professional on every level.
- Ben S.

What Customers Are Saying

Great people, they go above and beyond, and make me feel good about the hands our equipment is in.
- Garrett S.

What Customers Are Saying

Had an on-site breakdown, the tech showed up quickly and was very knowledgeable. He had us up and running in no time. Great service, will use in future for any repair I need.
- Terry S.

What Customers Are Saying

Delivered right on schedule, despite all the Covid-19 issues. Always answered calls or emails with real-time updates and pictures.
- Joseph P.

Equipment at Kansas City, KS



The extraordinary breadth of the Fassi range, with over 60 models in 30,000 configurations, means that the cranes offered can be truly tailor-made to suit the needs of Fassi customers. Fassi’s knuckle boom cranes and material handling cranes are top-notch and won’t disappoint.