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New Palfinger PSC 8029 with PAL Pro 43 service body

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Palfinger Model PSC 8029 telescopic mechanic field service crane ; 43,000 ft./lbs. rating, 400 degree rotation, 29’ hydraulic reach capability, 8,000 Lb. vertical lift capacity, -10 to +80 degree boom elevation, double acting cylinders with integrated load holding valves on all cylinders, four-spool remote control valve, overload shutdown system, hydraulic planetary drive winch with spring loaded roller, end layering limit switch and integral two-block damage prevention system, radio remote control, decals, crane hook, load line block, white and black finish paint and crane mounting bolt kit. Available for use on vehicles above 19,000 GVW. Model PSC 8029 telescopic mechanic field service crane 1 EA KMG04788AS Radio remote controller storage kit 1 EA EZ5086 SILICONE COVER EZ5086 Silicone Cover, Palfinger Radio Remote Control 1 EA PCB43-11SS60CS 11' Raised -Curb side 1st and 2nd raised to 60"H and Street side all 60”H PCB 43 Series 11’ heavy duty galvannealed steel crane body with standard right rear crane mounting compartment, eight (8) recessed cargo tie downs (6,000 lb. capacity), 14" double panel tailgate, two (2) grab handles, 21” workbench bumper with through compartment, 1/4” plate work surface and integrated hitch receiver tube, 44” high side compartments (optional compartments may be raised to 60" high), a fully integrated and sealed automotive style harness kit and electrical system with easy access power distribution panel, FMVSS 108 LED light and reflector kit, entire body electro coat (E-Coat) primer, interior of compartments lined with LINE-X ULTRA white interior coating, understructure and bottom of compartments undercoated. Body installation kit - (for class 5 conventional chassis). Designed to accept up to 43,000 ft./lbs. rated crane for 84” CA, 19,500 Lb. GVWR chassis. 1 EA OSCB8901 21” Workbench Tail shelf with through compartment, 1/4” top plate work surface and integrated hitch receiver tube installed –Include 11-898, 7-Way trailer receptacle 1 EA OS5016904 INSTALLED Rear Power Out (crane side) Power Down Stabilizers 1 EA OS5016910 front manual drop down stabilizer kit Front manual drop-down stabilizer kit of 2-PCB 43 mechanics body (requires one each side for stability) 1 EA OS5030030 Boom Support Boom support -Non-Adjustable Fixed position 9.75" High 1 EA OSCB0403 Master Locking System Installed -11' PCB 39 Body (all models) 1 EA OSSB2302 PALFINGER Non-Stamped Tailgate 1 EA OSCB9101 52" Rack Height (measured top of headache rack to top of frame rail) -Installed 1 EA OSSB0703 Rear fuel fill cutout -includes (1) aluminum fuel fill cup OS3450331 1 EA OS5040582 Boom support mounting bracket (weld on threaded plate in lieu of thru-bolts) 1 EA OS5030216 Compressor Mounting Bracket for -PRC45V, PRC60V (weld on bars and mounting adapter plate) left front sidepack top 10 EA OS5030297 Cargo tie downs –E-Track in lieu of tie downs Two rows full length each side wall with moveable partition 1 EA OS5020192 INSTALLED Aluminum Drawer Unit 3-3", 2-5", 1- 7" x 25" wide (6 drawers) Mounted SS1V –Coat rod storage bar mounted at top of compartment 3 EA OS5041264 INSTALLED "Adjustable Aluminum divider tray -18" x 25" x 3" LV2 Compartment (includes 4 adjustable dividers) Mounted SS2V 1 EA OS5020189 INSTALLED Aluminum Drawer Unit 4-3" x 47" ide (4 drawers) Mounted SSH –Adjustable aluminum divider tray 18” x 50” x 3” mounted above drawers 1 EA OS5020179 INSTALLED Aluminum Drawer Unit 5-3", 2-5" , 1- 7" x 20" wide (8 drawers) Mounted SSRV 3 EA OS5041261 INSTALLED Adjustable Aluminum divider tray - 18" x 11" x 3" requires interior partition kit (includes 4 adjustable dividers) Mounted CS1V 1 EA OS5030045 INSTALLED Tank bracket -Oxy / Acet for 2 tanks Front wall mounted in vented compartment Mounted CS1V 1 EA OS5030460 INSTALLED Interior partition kit -60"H (bolt in) - Includes 1 swivel hook Mounted CS1V 3 EA OS5041264 INSTALLED "Adjustable Aluminum divider tray -18" x 25" x 3" LV2 compartment (includes 4 adjustable dividers) Mounted CS2V 1 EA OS5041270 INSTALLED "Adjustable Aluminum divider tray -18" x 50" x 3" RH compartment (includes 4 adjustable dividers) Mounted CSH 2 EA OS5030046 Flexible tail shelf mounted step (installed) 1 EA OS5030075 Removable sliding vise mounting bracket, on 21" tail shelf 1 EA OS5040305 Wilton Workbench model #676 utility swivel vise; 6-1/2" jaw width opening 1 EA OSCB8302 INSTALLED 3 Light Hole Tail Light Boxes in lieu of standard 2 Light Hole 1 EA OS5030066 INSTALLED Body Interior LED harness and strip lighting in 7 compartments (crane box has integral light) 1 EA OS5030171 INSTALLED LED 4-flood light kit (four lights) includes harnesses for up to 6 lights 1 EA 3965A ECCO Four corner LED strobe light kit -Front grill and rear of body 1 EA OS5030301 Oil reservoir –Approximate 30-gallon (top deck mounted at bulkhead) 1 EA OSCB8520 Hydraulic Installation Kit -8.0 GPM Fixed Flow Includes High Pressure Filter, Hoses, diverter valve and Fittings. Intended for single pump, dual operation. (Used with PSC8029) 1 EA H4001 H40 rotary compressed air system Rotary compressed air system; oil flooded rotary screw, 100 percent duty cycle, 40 CFM @ 100 PSI, maximum 150 PSI system pressure, weight 150 Lbs. Includes: hydraulic motor, control valve, integrated hydraulic oil cooler. NOTE: Compressor performance is dependent on hydraulic supply specifications. 1 EA CFG-050916 Compressor Hydraulic Installation Kit (V2 for PAL Pro Package) 1 EA OS5052026 INSTALLED Hose reel, Reelcraft 1/2" x 50' with guide (to be used when passing through body) 1 EA OS5052027 INSTALLED 3/4" air filter, regulator, lubricator (FRL) 1 EA KPN00015A (6) gallon air reservoir mounted under deck, includes fittings and tank air drain valve (8" x 34") 1 EA OS5030546 DEF fill bracket for front of body chassis mounted, 2017+Ford 1 EA OS5030028 ICC safety kit -located in cab 1 EA OS5050020 Standard coating -outside primed with Line- X Ultra coating inside compartments 1 EA OS5050023 Body finish topcoat -PCB 39 (Single Stage Common Whites: codes only include Ford Z1) 1 EA OS5050043 Add Line-X Bedliner on load space, tops, front panels, rear panels and bumper 1 EA OS-CAMERA Add Rear view backup camera and installation 1 EA PTO & PUMP Mechanics Compressor and Crane PTO & Pump for simultaneous operation 1 EA CFG-050911 Force America 43 Hose Kit (Include MTB -140F-R-8S-A-FL44”-A Sensor)

Product Specs

  • Location : Houston, TX
  • Ton-Meters : 6.80
  • Ton Rating: 4
  • Boom (ft) : 29
  • Type : Service Cranes
  • Hi-Rail : No

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All I ask from any vendor of ours is to deliver quality work in a timely manner. CraneWorks delivers!
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Had an on-site breakdown, the tech showed up quickly and was very knowledgeable. He had us up and running in no time. Great service, will use in future for any repair I need.
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Delivered right on schedule, despite all the Covid-19 issues. Always answered calls or emails with real-time updates and pictures.
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