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New Tadano AC 5.220L-1

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Carrier Engine 405-5; EU Stage V Scania DC13; Diesel engine; 405 kW/ 2100 1/min (550 HP), torque 2476 Nm / 1400 1/min; The engine complies with EU Stage V; incl. fuel filter heater; Exhaust system cpl. stainless steel Fuel tank Fuel tank 500l Diesel (no RME/ Bio-Diesel); 60l Tank for Ad Blue Transmission ZF TraXon ZF TraXon; Automated gearbox with integrated hydraulic secondary retarder brake, 12 forward speeds and 2 reverse; 2-stage transfer case with switchable longitudinal lock Axles 10x6x10 10x6x10; 5 axles, axles 3-5 are driven and equipped with disengage able axle-differential lock; Axle 4 with a disengage able center-differential lock; All Axles are steered Suspension Hydro pneumatic suspension with axle load compensation; hydraulically lockable; Manual or automatic leveling alternatively; Steering Dual-circuit steering system with independent rear axle steering; axles 1, 2, 3 mechanically connected; axle 4 and 5 electro-hydraulically connected; all axles steered with 6 different steering programs Brakes Pneumatic dual circuit service brake, acting on all wheels; Disc brakes; Hydraulic retarder integrated into transmission as wear less, sustained-action brake; Additional exhaust brake; Parking brake according to norms ABS with hill-start aid holder function ABS with hill-start aid for hill starts without downhill moving Wheels 385/95 R25 (14.00R25) Wheels 385/95R25 (14.00R25); Steel rim 9,5-25/1,7"; TechKing ETCRANE 170F or similar Pneumatic tire inflating plug Pneumatic tire inflating plug for self-inflating of the wheels Wheel nut indication Wheel nut caps with arrow enable optical check of wheel nut position Cab Carrier Type 2,85m; Adjustable driver seat, armrests and pneumatic suspension; Seat heating driver's seat, Co-driver's seat; Steering wheel height and tilt adjustable; Power windows; Tinted glass; Power mirrors with heater Radio carrier Digital radio with USB input, Aux-In and Bluetooth® connection Heating carrier Engine-dependent warm water heating with 12kW nominal heating capacity Air-condition carrier Air-condition for carrier cab with 7KW rated cooling capacity Tachograph Display of the speed and analogue recording as per country-specific regulations Cruise control Automatic speed control, automatic brake control; Attention: Option 'ABS with hill-start aid holder function' required Rear view camera Display in driver's cab; cameras installed on rear of vehicle Fire extinguisher With holder in carrier cabin Electronic immobilizer system Prevents uncontrolled carrier mobilization; Incl. 3 ignition keys with transponder and 2 ignition keys without transponder Battery disconnecting switch Battery disconnecting switch for disconnection of the voltage source and the on-board power supply in carrier Driving lights Including low beams, high beams, daytime running lights, fog lights and cornering lights Illumination 2 x work lights on outriggers left, 2 x work lights on outriggers right Rotary beacons 2x beacons on carrier cab Central lubrication carrier Automatic central lubrication system for the lubricating points on the chassis Outriggers H-4-Point design; Vertical and horizontal movement fully hydraulic; Manual or automatic outrigger levelling alternatively on both sides of carrier; 4 outrigger bases of 2,75m, 5,54m, 7,0m and 8,4m Outrigger pads 038PA 4 round outrigger pads A=0,38m² Polyamide, with transport position at vertical cylinder Outrigger basis monitoring Surveillance of each outrigger beam for detection of horizontal stroke; Warning in case of anomaly in Superstructure cab (Attention: There is no automatic linkage with the LMI-system) Outrigger load indicator The outrigger load is indicated in the operator cab and the outrigger control box Stowage carrier Storage compartment, with lid, for toolbox; Side compartment between the outriggers Heavy-duty batteries HD-batteries for optimal battery performance even under HD usage; Suitable for cold start Jump starting device Jump starting device as per NATO standards; Enabling jump start by using separate energy source Contour safety marking Continuous reflective strips on the sides of the chassis and in the back Emergency roadside kit Emergency roadside kit for crane operation and for public road access of trucks according to StVZO Toolkit Toolkit for light repairs and service Jumper cable NATO-NATO 10m 10m long jumper cable with both-sided NATO-plug, adequate for use with any jump-starting device with NATO-plugs Stepladder Loose stepladder for misc. assembly work; Incl. transport storage Painting TADANO-BlueWhite Single basecoat, topcoat in TADANO-BlueWhite, chevron warnings in red-white Standard acceptance Standard acceptance test for carrier Superstructure Telescopic boom HA78 12,8m -78m; Single cylinder telescoping system, automatic telescoping; Attachments for all equipment and extensions; 5 sheaves integrated in boom head for max. capacity of 94.8t Boom luffing 1 luffing cylinder with automatic lowering brake valve Rotary drive 1 slewing gear unit with spring-loaded multi-disc brake H1 Hoist with spring-loaded multi-disc brake; Resolver (hoist rotation indicator) Counterweight 51,6t Counterweight 51,6t, 6 pieces (a-e); automatic rigging system; expandable to max. 70,2t Control system Enabling 4 simultaneous working movements; electric pilot controls via 2 two-axis joysticks Operator aids IC-1, with integrated load moment indicator acc. EN13000; Color display; Displaying of current operating conditions, load charts, fault indicator; Signal lights indicating LMI-load; Crane data logger IC-1 Plus (Asymmetric Outrigger Positioning) Calculation of lifting capacity subject to outrigger base and slewing angle of superstructure; Incl. Automatic counterweight detection; I. A. makes it possible to work with asymmetrically extended outriggers. Note: for HA operation only IC-1 Remote Crane is equipped with IC-1 Remote Working range limiter Displaying and programmability of the work range limits by IC-1 Hook height indication H1 Displaying and programmability of the hook height H1 by IC-1 Hoist monitoring H1 Visualization H1 by a camera system; Displayed on additional screen for the hoist monitoring in superstructure cabin Cab superstructure Type 0,875m; Tilt variable 16°; Fold-out front window; Extendable side pedestal, front pedestal; Handrails; Tinted safety glass; Pull- down sun visor and light curtains; Seat heating Radio superstructure Digital Radio with USB input, Aux-In and Bluetooth® connection Engine-independent heating superstructure Engine independent warm water heating with 5kW heating power Air-condition superstructure cab Air-condition with 5KW rated cooling capacity Outrigger positioning from crane cabin Outrigger positioning from crane cabin Anemometer Disconnectable, to allow use with all extensions Positioning light Disconnectable red LED beacon, to allow use with all extensions Double work floodlight Two adjustable floodlights, mounted at front of boom base section Illumination 1x work prefield at superstructure cab; 2x additional work lights on front of superstructure cabin; 1x work light pointing towards hoist (H1 and H2); All work lights are manually adjustable Rotary beacons 2x Disconnectable on Superstructure tail Central lubrication superstructure Central lubricant distributor for luffing cylinder pins, hoist thrust bearing, slewing ring, and boom base pins Painting TADANO-BlueWhite Single basecoat, topcoat in TADANO-BlueWhite, chevron warnings in red-white Standard acceptance Standard acceptance test for superstructure Documentation Documentation includes 1x operating instructions digital and 1x printed, 1x lubrication and maintenance instructions digital and 1x printed, 1x spare parts catalogue digital, 1x load charts digital; Digital files delivered on USB stick

Included options

825-501-22 HAV-HY-VA 27m 27m; Variable extension; 1 piece 6m Lattice section; with double folding swing-away jib, hydraulic off set 0° -40°; 1-sheave head; Incl. transport storage for swing-away jib; Not transportable with 12t axle load limit; Includes HAV-HY 11m and HAV-HY 21m 825-680-22 Preparation for MS (Runner) For later MS retrofitting; Incl. programming and acceptance 825-690-12 R1 (Swing away rooster sheave) Swing-away rooster sheave, incl. transport storage; For single- reeving high speed operation with elevated hook height 827-301-22 Hook block 125t, 5-sheaves Hook block type 125t for rope diameter 21mm; Max. capacity 94.8t; 1130kg; Double hook, red with white signal stripes 827-300-22 Hook block 80t, 3-sheaves (SH) Hook block type 80t for rope diameter 21mm; Max. capacity 67.3t; 850kg; Single hook, red with white signal stripes 827-301-32 Hook block 32t, 1-sheaves (SH) Hook block type 32t for rope diameter 21mm; Max. capacity 29.4t; 630kg; Single hook, red with white signal stripes 827-300-92 Hook 12t Hook type 12t; Max. capacity 9.9t; 350kg; Single hook, red 822-000-52 Engine 405-4; Tier 4F Scania DC13; Diesel engine; 405 kW/ 2100 1/min (550 HP), torque 2476 Nm / 1400 1/min; The engine complies with Tier 4F; incl. fuel filter heater; Exhaust system cpl. stainless steel 822-010-22 Axles 10x8x10 10x8x10; 5 axles, axles 2-5 are driven and equipped with disengage able axle-differential lock; Axles 3 and 4 with a disengage able center-differential lock; All Axles are steered 822-170-12 Active tire pressure monitoring system Active system with real-time tire pressure monitoring; makes it possible to reduce tire wear. 822-490-12 Outrigger quick connection Hydraulic & electric quick couplings for fast (dis-) assembly of all 4 outriggers 822-410-12 Additional rear lights 2 Additional floodlights for illuminating the area behind the crane; On/Off buttons in carrier cab 822-420-12 Side Lights Lighting, facing backwards, on the sides of the crane, designed to enable the driver to see the crane's lateral limits in the mirrors when backing up. For work site operation only. 822-120-12 Engine-independent heating carrier Auxiliary, engine independent warm water heating system with 10kW rated heat output; With timer and remote start; Switchable between engine preheating and carrier cab heating; Attention: needed for cold start below temperatures of -20°C 827-010-12 Additional counterweight 18,6t Additional counterweight 18,6t; 2 pieces; For max. 70.2t à 8 pieces 823-050-22 2nd Hoist (H2) 2nd hoist; Spring-loaded multi-disc brake; Resolver (hoist rotation indicator), quick couplings; Incl. Hoist monitoring and 2. hoist limit switch 823-280-12 Self-rigging H2 Makes it possible to mount H2 without assist crane; With transport frame; H2 is not included 827-330-12 Rope twist prevention 21 H1 Rope twist prevention for rope diameter d=21mm; Avoids rope twist hoist 1 827-330-22 Rope twist prevention 21 H2 Rope twist prevention for rope diameter d=21mm; Avoids rope twist hoist 2 823-140-52 Blind spot camera Camera covers the crane's blind spot on the right; Attention: Can not be combined with 'Side mirror' 825-040-12 Dolly preparation 4-point variable (4PV) 4-point support brackets enable individual positioning of adolly; Incl. freewheel for slewing gear unit and luffing cylinder, quick couplings for brake air & electrics (7poles); Dolly and dolly adapter are not included; incl. Suspension for low axle loads 822-370-12 Display Datalogger Display Datalogger; Data recorded by datalogger displayed on the display in the superstructure cabin 829-050-12 Remote control Control of superstructure operations via wireless remote control 823-270-12 Fall-from-height protection system for Counterweight Fall down protection at the counterweight; Note: Required for Netherland 823-200-12 Emergency lowering system HY Hydraulic interface on crane in accordance with BG (German employers’ liability insurance association requirements) in case of engine failure; Makes it possible luffing, hoisting and slewing (no movements which increases the load moment); Emergency lowering System transformer not included; Optional emergency lowering System transformer required if not available; Can be worked e.g. via assist crane with hydraulic interface; Note: Incl. Donor Interface; Attention: Should not be offered together with Emergency override HY

Product Specs

  • Location : Houston, TX
  • Ton Rating: 245
  • Boom (ft) : 255
  • Type : All Terrain Cranes
  • Hi-Rail : No

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All I ask from any vendor of ours is to deliver quality work in a timely manner. CraneWorks delivers!
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What Customers Are Saying

The team at CraneWorks could not have been more helpful and professional. They followed through on every commitment and have continued to be an excellent resource after the sale.
- John H.

What Customers Are Saying

A great group of people with skilled technicians who know how to take care of equipment.
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What Customers Are Saying

If you need a new truck go to these guys, you will be taken care of 110% every time. These are great people and I plan on buying more trucks from them.
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Very great people to deal with. Prompt and professional on every level.
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What Customers Are Saying

Great people, they go above and beyond, and make me feel good about the hands our equipment is in.
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What Customers Are Saying

Had an on-site breakdown, the tech showed up quickly and was very knowledgeable. He had us up and running in no time. Great service, will use in future for any repair I need.
- Terry S.

What Customers Are Saying

Delivered right on schedule, despite all the Covid-19 issues. Always answered calls or emails with real-time updates and pictures.
- Joseph P.

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Tadano's products and technologies play a vital role in the construction of everything from high-rise office buildings and highways to environmentally friendly wind turbines and the houses we call home. Tadano lifting equipment, designed to work reliably even under the harshest operating conditions, continues to win the hard-earned confidence of customers. Tadano’s corporate philosophy calls for tight-knit cooperation between people, both inside and outside of the organization, to create products, technologies, and services that deliver value to the customer and society as a whole.