BOP Test Pumps

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Our high pressure BOP test pump assembly gives your company the ability to quickly and accurately test your Coil Tubing BOP's prior to installation on the wellhead. This gives your customer piece of mind that your BOP's are properly functioning prior to installation.

  • The BOP test pump uses a low pressure charge pump to pre-charge the BOP at 150 PSI with flows up to 6 GPM.
  • Once the BOP has been filled, the high pressure hydraulic-over-hydraulic intensifier continues to charge the BOP up to 15,000 PSI at 1.4-1.6 GPM.
  • The test pump is designed to work with standard glycol test fluids and comes with 20-gallons of clean fluid storage and 20-gallons of return glycol storage.
  • Our BOP test pump comes with a second 10,000 PSI circuit to run your hydraulic torque wrenches for increased speed and safety while rigging up and rigging down on the wellhead.
  • Each CraneWorks BOP test pump and Torque wrench kit comes with a 15,000 PSI rated hose reel assembly with 50' of 18,000 PSI rated hose and 15K rated QD's for the high pressure test side.
  • A 10,000 PSI rated twin line hydraulic reel with 50' of 18,000 PSI rated hydraulic hose and 10K rated Parker QD's for use with your torque wrenches is also included, along with a hose reel with 50' of low pressure hose for both the fast fill and recovery of the glycol test fluid.
  • Our High Pressure BOP test pump seamlessly integrates to the CraneWorks CT and hydraulic torque wrench packages.

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