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New Cormach 110000X E4

Stock # BM-3930

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Technical specifications Static moment at the turret pin: 791,443 lbs/ft Hyd. boom length: 35' 10" Length: 7' 11" Width: 8' 4" Height: 9' 2" Weight (without oil and fitting): 22,575 lbs Lifting capacity: 48,391 lbs Slew torque: 75,961 lbs/ft Slewing speed: 90°/sec Outriggers extension: 13' 3"+11' 6" Outriggers width: 32' 0" Pump delivery: 26 Pressure: 4,550 PSI Oil tank capacity: 73 US gal

Product Specs

  • Location : Kansas City, KS
  • Ton-Meters : 109.42
  • Ton Rating: 24.20
  • Boom (ft) : 35
  • Type : Knuckle Boom Cranes

What Customers Are Saying

All I ask from any vendor of ours is to deliver quality work in a timely manner. CraneWorks delivers!
- Landon G.

What Customers Are Saying

The team at CraneWorks could not have been more helpful and professional. They followed through on every commitment and have continued to be an excellent resource after the sale.
- John H.

What Customers Are Saying

A great group of people with skilled technicians who know how to take care of equipment.
- Dan

What Customers Are Saying

If you need a new truck go to these guys, you will be taken care of 110% every time. These are great people and I plan on buying more trucks from them.
- Root Tree Service

What Customers Are Saying

Very great people to deal with. Prompt and professional on every level.
- Ben S.

What Customers Are Saying

Great people, they go above and beyond, and make me feel good about the hands our equipment is in.
- Garrett S.

What Customers Are Saying

Had an on-site breakdown, the tech showed up quickly and was very knowledgeable. He had us up and running in no time. Great service, will use in future for any repair I need.
- Terry S.

What Customers Are Saying

Delivered right on schedule, despite all the Covid-19 issues. Always answered calls or emails with real-time updates and pictures.
- Joseph P.

Equipment at Kansas City, KS



All Cormach cranes include a column with a twin mast, large dimension slew bearing with external rotation motor, and gearbox. Cormach’s unique design eliminates harmful stress on the boom. The powerful Cormach structure with slew bearing and column is often used by companies needing a large knuckle boom crane; only Cormach uses this heavy duty structure throughout its entire line. This construction provides many advantages when compared with competitors' cranes.