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Used 2019 Fassi F1950RAFM.2.25 on New Kenworth T880

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Fassi F1950RAFM.2.25 he-dynamic marine knuckle boom crane with hydraulic power unit (HPU) & optional grapple Version with special round base, without outriggers, for static mounting on maritime ships, river boats, lake boats, coast boats. - Lifting moment: 954,147 lbs-ft - Max hydraulic horizontal outreach in loading configuration: 42’ 2” - Load at the max horizontal outreach: 22,000 lbs - Lifting class HC2 HD4 S2 according to the EN12999:2011. Standard features: Special treatments for marine environment, mainly consisting in: Structural components finished by sandblasting grade A Sa 21⁄2 (ISO Norm 8501-1), application of a coat of organic zinc-rich epoxy primer (min. th. 70 μm), then a double coat of epoxy bi-component primer (th. 100 μm) and a double coat of water-based polyacrylic bi-component enamel (th. 70 μm), with an average total thickness of the dry film of 240 μm and final curing to get enamel drying. Rods of lifting rams undergo a nickel and chromium-plating; rods of boom extension rams undergo a double-layer chromium-plating treatment. Pins undergo a hardened chemical nickel-plating treatment and external application of PRO HH51. Hydraulic metal pipes are treated with Zistaplex and fittings protected by PRO HH51. Valves with aluminum body undergo a black hard anodizing treatment. Valves with steel body are completely painted with organic zinc-rich epoxy primer and black semi-gloss polyurethane enamel. Extension booms and manual extensions are protected thanks to dip- painting (cataphoresis) with epoxy paint for external parts (average th. 20 μm), double coat of epoxy bi-component primer (120 μm) and a coat of polyacrylic urethane bi-component enamel (60 μm) in RAL9005 semi-gloss black color. Electronic components have IP65 protection class (against water jets). 360° continuous rotation by means of double hydraulic motor, completed with hydraulic and electric rotation joints.. Hydraulic PROLINK system (Progressive Link up to 10° above the horizontal position). Linkage on crane articulations, maintaining a constant lifting moment and better crane performances in terms of both dynamic lifting and static capacity. Remote control of the crane via 6 linear functions digital Fassi RCH or RCS radio. Radio remote control handle with graphic display showing information of the crane working status and icons to select the available functions, visual and acoustic indicators of the load percentage capacity applied on the crane (crane manual control only in case of emergency). Version with double hydraulic circuit composed by n. 2 D900 proportional digital multifunction distributor banks for crane control positioned on the column and completed with digital electro- hydraulic modules, n. 2 filters on their pressure lines and double return line. Standard segments composition of the distributor banks: 1st distributor bank: rotation, inner boom lift ram and, if installed, jib extension rams and winch. 2nd distributor bank: outer boom lift ram, crane extension rams and, if installed, jib lift ram and extra function. Multifunction ability of the distributor bank managed by the dynamic software "Flow Sharing". FX900 electronic lifting moment limiting device monitoring the pressure induced by the load in all the lifting rams. The digital communication permits to show on the display located on the control handle analytic information about the working status of the crane. XP device (Extra Power) to activate, in case of problematic working situations, an extra power reducing the working speed. IMC (Integral Machine Control) and ADC (Automatic Dynamic Control) systems integrated in the electronic of FX900, to manage the digital communication among the electronic devices and the automatic control of the dynamic (crane working speed depends by the entity of the load applied). MPES system (Multi Power Extension System) that guarantees an exceptional extension/retraction speed of the extension booms, built up by a set of equally powerful independent rams, linked in series connection and activate by a single control. Special independent fixing system of the extension rams to guarantee high vertical lifting performances. Extension booms guide shoes with "forced" assembly to reduce vertical and lateral clearance, ensuring greater durability. Special guide shoes material with high sliding degree and low greasing request. Oil recycling valve having the function to double the speed of the extension booms exit, electrically operating and activated through selection from the radio remote control handle. XF type safety check valves on the lifting rams, to assure maximum check, precision and fluidity of the crane movements. N. 2 oil coolers type 120/12V) with soft-start function to eliminate the peaks of current during the ignition, brushless motor having fully integrated motor control electronics certified according to IP68 protection level, automatic self-cleaning function thanks to the completely reversible fan motor rotation and temperature sensor to read and show the oil temperature level on the user panel display and activate the oil coiler to the temperature fixed in the Fassi software. 30 t. boom tip swivel hook. Included Items 12 V electric feeding 12 V electric feeding line Hydraulic jib type "L912" Jib foldable behind the cab complete with n. 2 extension booms that, coupled to the crane, permits to obtain a total horizontal hydraulic reach of 60’ Hydraulic PROLINK system (Progressive Link up to 20° above the horizontal position). Extension rams with oil recycling valve to increase the speed of the extension booms exit. Monitoring of the induced pressure in the jib lifting ram for the activation of the lifting moment limiting device included. Marinization treatment on "L91" jib Extras for marine environment treatment on jib type "L91". Jib "L426" "L516" "L616" "L816" "L916" with stainless steel pipes and fittings Extra for supply of jib "L426" "L516" "L616" "L816" "L916" with stainless steel pipes and fittings. 2 activated functions N. 2 supplementary distributor bank functions activated with hose protection device up to the crane boom tip and complete with PVED digital electrical modules. N. 3 activated functions on jib tip N. 3 supplementary distributor bank functions with closed center activated up to the end of jib tip (last hydraulic section) with hoses protection device and PVED digital electrical modules on .26 crane version and jib with 6 extension booms. RCH radio remote control 8 linear lever functions digital Fassi RCH radio remote control. Control handle with graphic display showing information of the crane working status, icons to select the available functions and visual and acoustic indicators of the load percentage capacity applied on the crane. RX rotary function selector for icon activation, 3 external push buttons for fast activation of the most common used functions, activation through icons of speed limiter, vehicle engine start/stop, motor accelerator/decelerator, stop emergency system class 4 (for PLE), start and acoustic alarm, general starting of the system. Completed with battery charger, n. 2 rechargeable batteries, automatic frequency synthesizer, m 10 serial cable and belt for control handle. Extra for radio remote control Extra for radio remote control with 8 linear functions in place of standard one. IE742 feeding box Interface electric box between crane and vehicle ref. IE742, installed and wired feeding lines of the devices. Stainless steel fittings on hoses Extra for supply of stainless steel commercial fittings on hoses. Stainless steel pipes Extra for stainless steel pipes (with stainless steel fittings). Extra for rotating electric joint with 15 rings Rotating electric joint suitable for crane basic electric connections + options + special installations.

Product Specs

  • Location : Kansas City, KS
  • Ton-Meters : 113.54
  • Ton Rating: 11.02
  • Boom (ft) : 61
  • Type : Marine Cranes
  • Engine : Cummins X15
  • Horsepower : 525
  • Transmission : Allison Automatic 6SP
  • Suspension : NeWay ADZ Air Ride

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