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Path 2 All terrain cranes

CraneWorks Places Massive Order of Tadano All Terrain Cranes

More than twenty Tadano all terrain cranes added to sale fleet

tadano-ac-7-450-1-road-400pxAt the recent bauma 2022 show in Munich, CraneWorks made one of the largest equipment purchases in company history, signing an agreement with Tadano to add a large number of all terrain cranes to the company's 2023 sales fleet. Including a few machines ordered prior to the Bauma show, the incoming equipment spans the four-axle to nine-axle crane classes, consisting of the following Tadano models:

Model Qty Available First Available Ton Rating Boom Length
AC 9.700-1 1 Available now; sale pending 800 196'
AC 8.500-1 3 February 2023 600 183'
AC 7.450-1 3 September 2023 496


AC 6.300-1 3 July 2023 350 262'
AC 5.220L-1 5 April 2023 245 255'
AC 5.140-1 1 November 2023 160 197'
AC 5.120-1 1 May 2023 132 197'
AC 4.110-1 2 June 2023 120 196'
AC 4.100L-1 2 August 2023 120 194'
AC 4.080-1 1 July 2023 88 196'


For more information, read the announcement from Tadano America below or click here to download the press release.

CraneWorks Adds to its Impressive Fleet with Major Purchase of Tadano Cranes at bauma

AT order covers a wide variety of tonnage classes and number of axles

Houston, Texas – November 15, 2022 CraneWorks was already a large owner of Tadano All-Terrain cranes before bauma 2022, and that fact is even more true after another major order of several new four- to nine-axle all-terrain cranes.

CraneWorks is a premier provider of quality lifting solutions throughout America, and their continued commitment to Tadano mobile cranes was the result of feedback from its customer base saying Tadano machines have best-in-class technology and exceptional build quality.

Tadano America Regional Business Manager Dave Kuhlman says the larger AT’s are growing in popularity, “Over the last several years, CraneWorks has become a retail leader for our highest capacity All-Terrain cranes. Their recent commitment for multiple orders of our 350-ton, 500-ton and 600-ton capacity All-Terrain crane models continues to prove their dedication to serving the market for Tadano’s largest lift capacity products."

This major financial investment by CraneWorks is a true testament to its ownership’s belief in its employees, and in the strength of CraneWorks’ relationship with Tadano. Scott Wilson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CraneWorks, details its relationship with the manufacturer, "CraneWorks’ ownership and executives have worked with Tadano’s executives for over 26 years. The fact that Tadano listens to and values feedback from CraneWorks is key to this relationship. From the top of Tadano America Corporation down to the staff pulling it all together, it is a true partnership. While Dean Barley, Ken Butz, Ingo Schiller, Dan Melnyk, Ryan Chapman, Matt Klasel, Dave Kuhlman, and Leon Bowden might be the primary team for our business discussions, there are many more individuals that make the partnership work. Tadano is our business partner because they are honest, reliable, trustworthy, and do what they say they will do. In any business, especially the crane business, everyone knows everyone and they talk to each other."

Kuhlman concurs, "The relationship between CraneWorkssenior management and the current Tadano Management Team has been a long-standing one. There is a long history of respect and admiration between both our teams. CraneWorks continues to improve the standing of the Tadano Brand through its expansion into new markets and customer base’s with their substantial crane expertise and knowledge and desire to support their customer’s needs."

Tadano and CraneWorks obviously have a healthy partnership built on shared values like safety, integrity, reliability and teamwork. CraneWorks’ business goal is to be the best-in-class vendor by meeting the needs of its customers in the lifting and material handling industry before the sale and after the sale: parts, service and support. And Tadano is thrilled to be a part of accomplishing and exceeding that goal.

About CraneWorks: Founded in 2002, CraneWorks is an award-winning global provider of quality lifting solutions. We strive to earn our customers’ loyalty. CraneWorks’ fundamental values of safety, integrity, reliability, and teamwork are the cornerstone of who we are and what we do. We will function as a team, work ethically, and focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

More information can be found on https://www.crane-works.com/


About The Tadano Group: The Tadano Group is a leading global manufacturer of mobile cranes and aerial work platforms driven by its Core Values of Safety, Quality, and Efficiency Based on Compliance (C+SQE). Each and every one of Tadano’s products and services encompass these Values to reinforce our continuous pursuit of excellence for the world and the future through high-quality lifting equipment. Tadano’s corporate philosophy of Creation, Contribution and Cooperation strives to foster tight-knit cooperation between people both inside and outside of the organization in order to create products, technologies, and services that deliver value to the customer and to the society as a whole. To implement this corporate philosophy, Tadano’s management strategy emphasizes balanced growth for both the company and the people whose lives it affects.

More information can be found on www.tadanoamericas.com, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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